Indiana Defensive Driving Requirements

Indiana Defensive Driving Eligibility

When you receive a traffic ticket or a notice of suspension from the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV), you are going to need to take a driver improvement course. Our Indiana BMV defensive driving course online is the perfect program for you! However, knowing if you are eligible or being aware of the Indiana defensive driving requirements can be confusing.

If you need to participate in a defensive driving course, Indiana allows you three (3) months to complete your driver improvement course. If you fail to complete the Indiana BMV defensive driving course within the allotted time period, your license will be suspended by the Indiana BMV. When your license gets suspended, you will still need to complete our Indiana Online Driver Improvement course in order to reinstate your license and fulfill your defensive driving requirements. We suggest that you complete the driver safety course within the three (3) month time frame, that way you can avoid suspension of your driver's license and any reinstatement fees the Indiana BMV may charge.

After your complete your defensive driving course, Indiana will either reinstate your license or make sure your license is not suspended depending on your situation. We make this process easy for you by electronically submitting your certificate of completion to the Indiana BMV within 24 hours.

If you are taking the driver safety course for a traffic citation, you are allowed to do so once every 18 months to clear four (4) points, unless otherwise stated by the BMV.

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