Technical Questions

When do I get my certificate?

If you are taking the course for the Indiana BMV, we will send the certificate electronically to the BMV within 24 hours. If you completed the course for court purposes you will receive the completion by regular mail, unless you expedited shipping. Once you receive your certificate you must send it to the appropriate court. For the Vanderburgh Court, your certificate will be sent electronically to the court within 24 hours. We have instant downloadable certificate upgrades available after the course has been completed.

How can I get a copy of my certificate?

If you took our course and would like a certificate copy, you are able to request a certificate copy after completing the course.

How do I register?

To register online, just sign-up for traffic school and get started right away.

Course Information

Why should I take the Indiana Online Driver Improvement course?

Most drivers take our course to remove traffic ticket points from their driving records. They choose us because we are approved by the Indiana BMV, our course is fast and easy, and we are a reputable company with hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers over the past 16 years. You may have been asked by your employer to reinforce safe driving habits, or just want to enhance your knowledge of traffic laws. Seniors and teens also take the course to improve their safety behind the wheel.

How do I register?

To register online, just sign-up for the defensive driving class and get started right away.

What if my deadline for completing the course has passed?

If your deadline has passed you will need to contact the BMV or the court to request an extension.

Which course should I take?

Most drivers choose the basic driver improvement course to remove up to four (4) points from their driving record and to protect themselves from possible license suspension, or license reinstatement.

How do I receive course credit?

Upon completion, we will automatically submit your certificate directly to the Indiana BMV on your behalf. We also send you a copy of your certificate via USPS mail so that you may submit it to the court.

How quickly can I complete the course?

Our online defensive driving course will take you four (4) hours to complete. The course is timed so that you spend a minimum amount of time reading each section before moving on to the next section. You will see a timer in the upper right corner of each section. When the timer reaches 0:00, you may proceed to the next section. Even though our course is timed, you still have the ability to log on and off at your own leisure. Your progress is saved everytime you complete a section.

Do I have to take the course all in one sitting or can I finish at another time?

You do not need to complete the course in one sitting. You may log in and out with your username and password as many times as you like.

How often can I take the course?

You may take the course for credit (to get points off your record) once every three (3) years. The court or BMV may mandate that you take it more often.

How many questions are on the quizzes and final exam?

Each quiz has five (5) questions, and the final exam contains 25 true/false and multiple-choice questions. You'll need an 80% to pass, and you can take each test as many times as needed to achieve a passing score.

How much does the course cost?

Our Indiana State approved defensive driving course is offered at an everyday value of [price]. This cost includes the entire online program, live 24/7 customer support, and electronic transmission of your completion certificate to the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) within 24 hours of completing our online course. Indiana driver improvement schools are a privately operated industry and the BMV regulates course tuition. Your tuition guarantees you an excellent course, helpful customer service, and a hassle-free experience.

What are my payment options?

The simplest method is to pay online with a credit or debit card through our secure server, which is encrypted for your protection.

Are there any specific computer system requirements needed to take the course?

You need a internet access, that's it! Our Indiana defensive driving course is compatible with PC and Mac platforms, as well as most smart phones and web-enabled tablets.

What happens if I suddenly lose my Internet connection?

Your place in the course is always automatically saved. You will not lose the work you had completed before losing the connection. Simply log back in and you will be able to pick up right where you left off.

Can I use a friend or family member's computer or internet service?

Yes you can! And you don't need to use the same device each time you log in and log out. That's what makes our program so convenient!

What is the cancellation/refund policy

You can view our Refund Policy here.

I have more questions, what should I do?

Contact Us for 24/7 Support.